The basic topic of the exhibition is the Buddhist Refuge: One turns one‘s mind towards lasting values. In Tibetan Buddhism, the refuge is pictured as the so called Refuge Tree (see fig. Right).

The Refuge Tree consists of six aspects: the Three Jewels and the Three Roots. The Three Jewels are Buddha (goal), the Teaching of Buddha (way), and the Buddhist Community (friends and helpers on the way). In the Refuge Tree, when viewed from the front, they are positioned on the left, on the back, and on the right. The Three Roots are Lama (teacher), Yidam (Buddha aspects) and Protector. The Lamas are positioned in the middle; the Yidams are below the Lamas; and the Protectors are below the Yidams. The statues and prints of scroll paintings of the exhibition are arranged according to these six aspects of Buddhist Refuge.

Ritual objects complement the statues and prints of scroll painting. They are used in meditation and point towards the timeless values of enlightenment (fearlessness, joy, active compassion). At the same time, they represent the attributes of various Buddha forms.